I moved into my new house and was stressing out about installing landscaping. Leone Outdoor services made it a breeze!

Daniela Ermak

Leone Outdoor services weeders are the most meticulous. They expertly went through my perennial gardens and flower beds.

Amelia Sukkar

Leone Outdoor Services quoted and installed my landscaping in the same week. Our other quotes gave time frames of up to one month.

Bill Munaco

I really feel like the dark brown mulch that Leone Outdoor Services used held its rich color much longer than any other mulch I've tried.

Dennis Czuchaj

It was a pleasure using a company that was actually able to name every plant in my garden.

Gary Sheretko

I really felt that Greg cared about my landscaping." "He made me feel like I was a priority.

Lisa Urban

When all my neighbors were using Leone Outdoor services I had to give them a try, and I could not of been happier with the result.

Sal Rogers

The owners very hands on approach to customer service really makes them a stand out company.

Marie Lazzaro

Fully insured, prompt service and quick call backs makes Leone Outdoor Services my landscaping company!

Kellie Rouhib

Clear communication really made me feel comfortable using Leone Outdoor services.

Sam Venditto

It is obvious that Leone Outdoor Service's customer service is what makes them the outstanding business that they are.

Susan Swanson

I used to spend an entire day doing my own fall clean up until I hired Leone Outdoor Services and they were in and out in a a matter of hours.

Jack Russo

I recently moved into a for closed home and hired Leone Outdoor Services. I was amazed at what a difference their work made to my property.

David Dunlap

It's a pleasure to walk outside and talk to any one of the Leone crew members.

Margaret Azar

It's nice to see the same crew come to my home year after year.

Shannon Agnostopolous

Our end result was better than I even imagined it could be.

Tony Sorgi